Sell and give a new life
to your preloved items

After dropping off your items at one of our locations, our team will take care of identifying which ones can be resold by our second-hand partners.

If it’s the case, 100% of the resale value will be sent directly to you, without any additional commission from Mökki. However, second-hand platforms will usually take a commission ranging from 20% to 80% of the selling price, equivalent to the one they’d take if you were to go through them directly.

Don’t want to move ahead after all? No problem! After your drop-off, you’ll receive a confirmation email showing where your items have been allocated between reselling, donating and recycling. You’ll then have the option of getting back all or part of your items.

Sell your wardrobe

Here are the criteria for selecting clothing for second-hand resale:

  • Items in very good condition, without signs of wear, with the label indicating the brand and size
  • Articles for women, men or children, excluding underwear
  • Recent models and cuts
  • Brands accepted by our partners, for example
    • Luxury : Hermès, Dior, Saint-Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, …
    • Premium: Claudie Pierlot, Ba&sh, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, IKKS, Liu Jo,…
    • Affordable : Etam, Mango, Zara

Other items

In our Paris La Defense locations you can also sell the following items:

  • Books, toys, electronics items

We are working hard to offer resale on a wider range of items in our Paris Le Marais location and hope to be able to do so soon!

Are you a potential partner ? Contact us.