Our dream:
A world where we don't throw away!

Here, we want to make the circular economy a reality, by making resale, recycling and donation as simple as… Mokki 😉

Because we all have better things to do than spend hours reselling our wardrobe on the internet, finding the right place to recycle our computer equipment, or donating it, Mokki takes care of the whole process.

Because weekends are made for enjoying your free time, spending time with family or reading a good book… No?

Our mission:
Democratizing the circular economy

Here we start small but we aim far.

With each donation, with each recycling, with each resale, you are doing a positive action for the planet.

That’s why we work with the National Institute of Circular Economy to measure and understand the impact of each individual action.

We are also proud to be B-Corporation certified.

Our partners make our dream a reality

We have over 400 partners who support donations, recycling and resale of Mokki items. When you bring us your surplus, we carry out a rigorous sorting and choose the best partner who will create the most value for you… and the planet!