How does it work?
Discover our operation in 4 steps.
Mökki's operation in 4 steps. 1: Sort through your closets. 2: Bring items you no longer use. 3: Mökki gives them a second life. 4: Visualize the impact of your actions.
Step 1
Sort and empty your closets
Give a second life to items you no longer wear with Mökki.
Our tip for sorting your clothes: if you haven't worn an item for more than 6 months, you probably won't wear it again, so why not sell, donate, or recycle it?
Illustration of a woman sorting clothes at home to put them in resale and donation boxes.
Step 2
Set aside what you no longer use and bring it to us
We accept freshly laundered clothing for men, women, children, and babies.
In office buildings, we also take electronics for recycling!
Check our criteria for resale, donation, and recycling of your items and separate underwear and socks into a bag.
And voilà! Head over to yourMökki space.
Illustration of people bringing items to a Mökki space.
Step 3
Mökki sorts your items for resale, donation, and recycling
Within 15 days, your items are sorted in our Parisian workshop based on specific criteria and then sent to our specialized partners.
Be patient, the processing time for your items for resale can vary from 4 to 6 months on average and up to 9 months at most.
Items designated for donation and recycling will be sent to our partner organizations.
Illustration of two people shaking hands.
Step 4
Follow the progress of your items' new lives online.
See the impact of your actions through yourpersonal space.
Track each item and its fate.
In case of resale, the money will be gradually refunded to you.
Celebrate the items saved, the saved CO2, and the social impact it has created through the new life of your clothes!
Illustration of two people looking at cell phones.
For every item saved, you'll make an impact
Mökki is already:
Logo of clothes in a box
75 000
items saved from the landfill!
Logo of a factory with smoke
tons of equivalent CO2 saved
Logo of airplane
Paris - New York by plane!
Empty your closets, Mökki takes care of the rest
Mökki logo, a certified B corp company