Circular Economy at Your Fingertips
Mökki collects clothing and items to give them a second life.
Resale / Donation / Recycling
An Mokki company kiosk is installed in the lobby of an office.
Clear out your closets; we take care of the rest!
Visit our Mökki spaces
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Is your closet overflowing? Put everything in a bag and visit Mökki! We are present in office buildings for employees and at the Sully-Morland space for individuals.
Mökki takes your belongings and sorts them. If they are in good condition, we resell them; otherwise, we donate them to carefully selected charities. In the last case, we send them to recycling partners.
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You can follow the second life of your items through your personal space. You can measure your environmental impact in terms of CO2eq saved and your social impact in the number of rehabilitation days generated.
Our Goal
Give a second life to all your items
At Mökki, we aim to extend the lifespan of items by giving them a second chance!
Our sorting experts examine your items one by one to send them to the best possible destination, whether it's resale, donation, or recycling.
Every action taken at Mökki has a positive social and environmental impact that we calculate.
We work with local charities and people in rehabilitation to fulfill our mission: giving new life to your items!
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They Speak Highly of Us
Already more than 2000 satisfied users!
A super practical and useful service just around the corner from me
Sabrina D.
Very friendly welcome, thanks Luna for the waffles :)
Bastien A.
I recommend, a great second-hand initiative!
Élodie S.
I know they'll take good care of my clothes
Felipe P.
Your Impact
Every action matters.
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Extending the life of your item or its materials saves CO2eq
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When given, your items benefit people in need
Our Certifications
We are proud of them :)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We are also available on the contact page
How is the sorting done?
We entrust 'like new' clothes, clean, ready to wear, without alteration or repair, to our resale partners. If items can't be resold but are in good enough condition to be worn, we donate them to partner charities to make someone else happy! Finally, clothing that can't be reused (damaged or stained, for example) is sent to our recycling partners.
Do I need a Mökki account to deposit my belongings?
You need a Mökki account to deposit your belongings, but no worries, if you don't have an account, we will create one for you on the spot.
How can I track my items?
Once your items are deposited at Mökki, you have nothing more to do! You will be informed by email about the progress of the processing of your deposit. You can also track its progress, the positive impact you have on the planet, and much more by logging into your personal Mökki account.
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